Black/Gold two-color aluminum food containers

Nov 2015

Bring some style to your take out service with this Durable Packaging!

Gold plated Premium Black aluminum container has two layers that prevents from deformation during transportation. This container is ideal for use in restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, as well as in the food industry and for the food delivery. You can cook or reheat your food in this container at home or on a professional kitchen.

The container underlines the quality of the product and lid, made of PET material, keeps the dish tightly closed in the container and prevents leakage. The lid has a good transparency, allowing client to clearly see the product before making a purchase.

This container is suitable for cooking in the oven or in the microwave after removing its cap.

This package is perfect for sealing and can be sealed with a film that makes it possible to naturally increase the shelf life and expand the geography of sales.

100% recyclable. 

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