Food Packaging for On-The-Go Food Service

Jun 2015

Food packaging and take-away food containers that meets the modern lifestyle requirements.

Your customers are busy people, and they demand fresh and nutritious ready meals that can be easily taken away and eaten On The Go. Such requirements call for convenient, functional and easy to use food packaging.
Our multi-compartment foodservice Take Away boxes let you create endless meal and snack combinations - from breakfast to lunch to desserts. Multiple compartments of the disposable food container allow you to keep the food neatly organized and separated inside the container.

These food containers To-Go for salads and snacks maximize space on your shelves and in the fridge with these compact yet sturdy boxes. Our disposable On-The-Go containers and Take-Away boxes are made from Ingeo™ biopolymer - a PLA thermoplastic derived from corn starch and sugarcane, instead of petroleum. Make a difference by using a sustainable plant based alternative to regular single use plastic.

• Foodservice containers are made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived entirely from plants; 
• Plant sources are domestically grown and annually renewable;
• Crystal clear for total product visibility;

• Durable material;
• No flavour or odour transfer;
• Sturdy, crystal-clear food containers in 2- ,3- ,4-cell designs with one flat lid that fits all sizes;
• Compact and stackable to maximize space on the shelf and in the fridge;
• 100% compostable in industrial compost facilities.

Matching lids are sold separately.

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