Imballaggi ecologici per alimenti e stoviglie usa e getta

Versupack is a distribution company that does business within the HoReCa and Industrial sector for Baltic States and European countries since 2008.

Our company focuses in recyclable plastic, paper and environmentally friendly disposable foodservice containers and packaging materials. We offer plant-based catering and single-use tableware, sustainable foodservice packaging products To Go, eco-friendly food containers for Take Away and Take-Out boxes, cups, plates and cutlery also. Versupack has complete solutions that correspond to demand of professional users in terms of function, range, availability, quality and price.

The product range includes: food containers, disposable tableware products, disposable dinnerware products, take-away containers, kraft salad bowls, bamboo paper cups, compostable molded fiber cutlery and wooden cutlery, catering disposables, napkins, mini dishes, paper straws, sealable bagasse MAP trays, biodegradable foodservice products, molded fiber packaging, fast-food packaging, sustainable supermarket trays for meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits, innovative burger wraps.

Our aim is to offer the modern and effective solution for your business.

We are proud to say that we offer the most modern and unique products for our customers.

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Versupack SIA
17A-35 Lielirbes street
LV-1046, Riga, Latvia

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