Sacchi della spazzatura con rivestimento antimicrobico

Jun 2021

Compliance with hygiene standards is paramount to all catering establishments across the globe. Cafes, restaurants, canteens and grocery stores must strictly adhere to universal food storage standards, avoid cross-contamination and regularly clean work surfaces.
Correctly collecting, storing and disposing of garbage is essential for maintaining cleanliness on the premises. This process is complicated by the fact that most of the food service waste is organic, which quickly decomposes and causes unpleasant odours. In garbage bins, bacteria accumulate and multiply rather quickly, which poses a danger to human health. Hence, it is important to minimize the spread of germs, regularly throw out garbage, and disinfect the bins.

Bin liners can help get rid of unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours in the kitchen is a first sign of bacteria growth. While it is fairly easy to keep track of the cleanliness of dishes and work tops, it’s a whole different story with garbage. It tends to build up naturally during work process, making kitchen a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Antibacterial bin bags are the best solution to help keep your workplace clean and tidy. This product is intended specifically for organic waste. Antimicrobial trash bags are recommended for restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, canteens, schools, kindergartens, etc. 

Features of antimicrobial trash and garbage bags: 

 3-ply garbage bags, bin liners and refuse sacks are durable, resistant to tears and ruptures;

• Built-in antimicrobial coating doesn’t lose its protective properties even after prolonged contact with water;

 Coated material prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria, which in turn improves the hygiene in the kitchen;

 Trash bags and refuse sacks are made from 80% recycled plastic;

 Packed in rolls for convenient disbursement;

• These bin liners are certified by SCS Global Services, which confirms that they comply with high standards of food safety and eco-friendliness.

Antimicrobial bin bags: the advantages of using them

Sustainable trash bags, refuse sacks and bin liners with antibacterial coating are fundamental for a clean and safe workplace. By choosing modern solutions, the business takes care of health and safety of its employees and customers. Antimicrobial layer inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, which are to blame for various diseases. This is especially relevant in the current epidemiological situation across the globe.
Innovative garbage bags are made from recycled materials, which in turn helps reduce the amount of waste in the world. Less plastic is used for the production of these bags than for the production of regular black bin bags.

The use of eco-friendly materials and antimicrobial products at the workplace allows businesses to demonstrate their social responsibility and let their employees and customers know that they care about sustainability.
Complying with rigorous health and safety standards helps restaurants, cafes, grocery stores to be one step ahead of the competition.

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