Pojemniki jednorazowe do serwowania dań na wynos

Jul 2020
Eco-friendly disposable food boxes - the choice of a socially responsible business!

Buying food To-Go or ordering lunch delivery to your home or office is a current trend and a necessity in the modern fast-paced life. Choosing food delivery, the client wants to receive a good quality product, while not wasting time preparing a meal or visiting a restaurant.
But the quality of the meal in this case does not always depend on the type of cuisine, the skill of the chef and the choice of ingredients. That is why it is important for restaurants, cafes, shops with a culinary department to choose high-quality disposable food packaging.

Few requirements for disposable packaging used in food delivery:

• Safe for human health, components should not alter the taste of food;
• Convenience during transportation or delivery. Leak-proof coating and secure closure system of the container will keep all sauces and other liquids from spilling out the container;
• Environmental friendliness - the possibility to recycle and reuse raw material, the use of natural materials that decompose in the environment;
• Modern and attractive design of the disposable lunch and burger boxes;
• Ideal packaging for hot, crispy and cold food;
• Ergonomic and stackable design of these microweavable containers is perfect for insulated food delivery bags;
• Modern sustainable solution for restaurants - eco-friendly hinged lid take away boxes;
• These containers can be reheated at up to +121°C.

Why buy eco food containers for Take out service?

These eco-friendly food containers is a great alternative to styrofoam hinged lid containers. Made from expanded polystyrene, these containers have been banned in Europe since 2021 and are already banned in some of the US states. Modern takeaway packaging is made from 50% polypropylene, a recyclable material, and other 50% made of mineral and natural ingredients - talc and calcium. These substances are safe for the environment and human health.

Using new ecological developments created in the world, you care about the environment, ahead of competitors in this matter. This is important for a city, a country, and shows the patriotism of business, since the processing and incineration of such food packaging produces less CO².
Another advantage is the preservation of the taste of the dish. Disposable food containers are designed for both room temperature foods and hot meals. During storage, food retains its natural smell and taste, which is important for restaurants and cafes that offer takeout and food delivery services. The person will receive the same taste of the meal as in the restaurant. The material of the container does not alter the smell and taste of the product.

These microveawable food containers can withstand temperatures up to +121°C. Food in the take out container can be placed in the refrigerator and heated in the microwave. Eco lunch boxes are used for hot dishes: meat, fish, side dishes, burgers, as well as salads and desserts.
Mineral-filled disposable container with a hinged lid has a leak-resistant coating. With the Smartlock closure system, you can hear the click which indicates secure closure. This allows to deliver food with a large volume of sauces and liquids and the packaging does not leak. Disposable take-out containers can withstand transportation, they can be stacked on top of each other without deforming the structure.

Disposable hinged lid Take-away boxes: Packaging benefits

• Transition to an eco-friendly tableware and food packaging. These take away hinged-lid boxes made with 50% less plastic. They consist of 50% of polypropylene, which is recyclable and reusable material and 50% of mineral filler, like calcium and talc. It is a great alternative to styrofoam hinged-lid containers.
• Secure seal and closure system of sustainable packaging makes take out and food delivery service very convenient.
• Can be used to deliver hot and cold dishes, crispy snacks, burgers, grilled food, side dishes - food will retain its appearance, temperature and taste;
• Can be placed in the refrigerator and reheated in the microwave without taking food out of the container.
• By using these sustainable hinged-lid food containers and burger boxes, companies are showing concern for the convenience of their customers by offering food delivery as it was prepared.
• Another important point is to be an eco-friendly business, which will positively affect the perception of your brand. Socially responsible companies that use environmentally friendly packaging (eco tableware, eco food containers for delivery, eco packaging) generate interest and approval from customers, partners and society in general.

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