Swirl pattern container

Mar 2015
These stylish containers feature a unique swirl pattern to highlight frosty treats such as ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet. They can make other delicious treats look more festive, too, from mousse and parfaits to fruit salads and brownies.

Versatile size options with a common lid fit mean added convenience—and plenty of room to pile on toppings.  Now you can experiment with different toppings: nuts, fruits, hot fudge, gummy candies, etc. thatcan be added!

The surface of the cup is printable. You can choose up to six different colors to highlight your brand identity. 

Swirl pattern containers are made entirely from PETE, with at least 20% post-consumer recycled material. Here is another exceptional sustainable packaging product. Contains minimum 20% post-consumer recycled PETE - Reduces the creation of new materials from earth’s resources - Reduces plastic destined for traditional waste streams - Entirely recyclable package. 

• Stylish, unique swirl pattern;

• Sturdy, high performance container;

• Crystal clear for complete product visibility;

• Printable surface for outstanding branding opportunities;

• Versatile dome lids are ideal for frozen confections - Low-profile “swirl” dome with and without hole - Tall flat-top dome can also serve as a treat dish;

• Containers available in 185 ml, 275 ml and 365 ml sizes;

• Made in the U.S.A.  

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