Roasted Chicken container

Feb 2013
The new clear view Rosted Chicken container with fog-proof dome lid gives you all the features you’ve come to expect from Versupack and a great deal more.

Venting and a new perfect closure system that prevents leakage and enhances overall food safety. The sturdy polypropylene ribbed dome is microwaveable and stands up to the pressure of being stacked. The venting system allows the release of internal steam. The microwaveable base is also made of polypropylene and features a ribbed floor that raises food above the grease and excess liquid. With the increasing concerns over food safety, the new Rosted Chicken container will provide you with the peace of mind that you and your customers have come to expect from Versupack.

Roasted Chicken containers are available in different sizes; with and without handles. The carrying handles provide your customers with an easy way to grab and go hot food.

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