Eco Kraft Disposable Tableware and Food Packaging

Jan 2016

Eco Kraft disposable tableware and food packaging for Take Away and Take-out.

January is a great time for a variety of fairs, street-food festivals and Winter walks! Kraft food containers and disposable food trays provide your customers with the convenience of eating On-the-Go and Kraft cups for hot drinks ensure proper temperature of drinks during this beautiful winter time! Kraft wrapping paper for burgers and liners provide excellent durability and resist grease penetration, that keep food fresh, hot and crispy!

Consumers today prefer more innovative food packaging solutions that:

- Made of environment-friendly materials, like paper and paperboard, bioplastic PLA and recyclable, renewable plastics - PET and PP;

- Easily recyclable to not create mountains of garbage that is poisoning our air.

As a result, awareness of society and people concern about their health made a powerful impetus to the development of the environmental industry and bio-degradable food packaging.

We are pleased to present you the line of bio-degradable and compostable food packaging and disposable tableware made from Eco kraft unbleached paperboard.
The range of products include: kraft paper trays for fast-food and street food, Take-Away and To-Go; kraft paper ana bamboo paper salad bowls and soup containers for Take-out; Burger wrapping kraft paper sheets and paper wraps; disposable hot paper cups for tea and coffee To-Go; Paper kraft Food Boxes and Sushi boxes for Take-away and delivery services; disposable paper plates and biodegradable cutlery.

- Made from 100% recycled or renewable materials;

- Foodservice containers are hermetically-sealed;

- Environmental and natural food packaging;

- Effective tool to support the Ecological  image of your business and proof of your concern about consumers and their health .

Tämä sivusto käyttää evästeitä käyttökokemuksen parantamiseksi. Käyttämällä verkkosivustoamme hyväksyt kaikki evästeet evästekäytäntöjemme mukaisesti.