Disposable heart-shaped sushi platters and sushi containers

Jan 2018

Surprise your customers with an unusual disposable heart-shaped platters for sushi sets, meat, fish, bakery products on Valentine's Day and other celebration days!

The heart-shaped disposable food containers are so versatile that they can serve absolutely any dish.
Such a disposable container will be an interesting solution for packaging confectionery and culinary products, frozen cakes, cheesecakes, tiramisu. This is the perfect disposable ice cream cake packaging.
In a disposable heart-shaped platter, you can offer your customers ready-made meat or fish dishes that only need to be cooked in the oven, which is especially important on holidays when there is no time left for cooking.
The container can be used as a platter, for example, as a disposable packaging for sushi sets. The heart-shaped sushi container is a wonderful food packaging both on holidays and on weekdays, in which your sushi sets with romantic names will look original and attractive to the consumer.


❤ Deep-freezing;
❤ Baking in the oven at a temperature of +200°C;
❤ Creative and unusual food serving;
❤ Excellent choice for parties;
❤ Made of PETE and CPET recyclable materials;
❤ Eco-friendly packaging solution for sushi;
❤ Tightness during transportation;
❤ Ideal disposable sushi platter for parties and catering;
❤ A wide range of applications for this disposable food packaging;
❤ Perfect marketing tool for foodservice companies, especially Asian food restaurants.

Disposable tray size: 305x305x65 mm.

Surprise your customers with an unusual presentation, in interestingly shaped disposable trays "Heart" for delivery, meat, fish, confectionery, as well as sushi and rolls - for Valentine's Day on any other holidays and weekdays! There are more shapes, colours and sizes of sushi containers and catering platters can be offered.

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