Disposable rPET cold drink cups and food containers To Go

Mar 2016

Our disposable rPET Drink Cups and Lids, food containers To Go is a great choice for anyone!

Summer season is almost here, so it is worth to consider an attractive foodservice packaging for summer desserts, snacks, frozen yoghurts, smoothies and other delicacies. Our sustainable rPET disposable cups will certainly become an indispensable assistant for summer cafes and terraces as well as shopping centers and elsewhere.

 Multi-functional product that fits a variety of drinks and dishes; 

 Durable and recyclable PET material; 

 Many merchandising options with flat, straw-slotted and domed lids and cup inserts; 

 Cup inserts are also available to help create the perfect multi-ingredient grab-and-go package; 

 Variety of sizes; 

 Printable surface for strong branding opportunities. 

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