Green Packaging: Paper-Based Disposable Food Service Products

Oct 2016

Our new ECO kraft series of disposable food service products - salad bowls, soup containers, paper cups, and take-out food containers are designed for food delivery and take-away, restaurants, catering, supermarkets, delis, markets and more. You can serve your ice cream or desserts, salads, main dishes, soups, pasta, tea or coffee. This packaging can be a good marketing tool as it helps you stand out from the competitors, maintain the company's green image, and highlight the quality of your food.

Eco friendly disposable food containers

The single-use containers, bowls and cups are made from sustainable material – recycled kraft paper. If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic and styrofoam this might just be the perfect option for you! Paperboard has high tear-resistance, strength and elasticity. It’s naturally brown and no bleach has been used during processing. The natural finish highlights green image of your brand and sends the message to your customers that you care about the environment. Plus, it has been found in a study by world known packaging supplier, that a vast majority of consumers tend to prefer naturally-looking packaging to plastic packaging. Hence, by using kraft paper containers you can influence buyer’s decision to purchase your product and enhance your brand’s image as organic and natural.

Kraft paper boxes are ideal for food delivery and Take-out

Deliver your meals to your customers in these versatile boxes, cups and containers. They are available in various sizes and the classic round shape makes them easy to hold and carry. Due to different sizes, you can serve both small and large portions.
The containers feature a grease and moisture resistant coating, which can be made from various types of plastic – PLA, PE, PET or PP. Such coating is necessary to avoid spillage of sauces, soups, beverages and other liquids. Not only that, the coating acts as a heat-resistant barrier that withstands high temperatures and makes it possible for you to safely put hot soups, beverages and meals inside the container. The customers will be able to store their meal in the fridge or freezer, as these disposable kraft food packaging boxes are freezer safe. The edges of disposable containers have a tightly-rolled rim, which facilitates secure closure and prevents quick cooling of contents.
Lid helps prevent food getting soggy with special vents that let hot steam and moisture out. You will be able to stick your logo to the lid or use it to write down customers’ names and orders if needed.

Paper Take Out eco kraft containers: main features

• Salad bowls, soup cups, hot beverage cups and take away containers are available in different sizes;
• Tightly-rolled rim for secure closure;
• Vented lids to avoid sogginess;
• Eco-friendly recycled material;
• Sturdy and durable Eco packaging with a grease and heat resistant coating;
• Fridge and freezer safe;
• Natural looking colour and appealing classic design;
• Unlimited branding opportunities.

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