Recycled PET Featured Disposable Dessert Containers

Mar 2015
Let us introduce these stylish disposable dessert containers made from recycled PET. They feature a beautiful swirl pattern design to showcase sweet and frozen treats. These are perfect containers for ice cream, frozen yogurt, parfaits, fruit salads and sorbets – you name it.  

Disposable ice cream cups with matching flat and dome lids

One common lid fits all disposable cup sizes for added versatility and convenience – you won’t need to worry about matching different covers to their containers. Dome-shaped lids add plenty of room to stack on various toppings of your choosing: nuts, fruits, sweet sauces, candies and so on, giving you unlimited creative freedom in dessert presentation. Tapered bottom with a classic swirl design will entice the customer and add an upscale and elegant look to your dessert.

Ice cream and dessert containers are made from rPET with at least 50% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. By using rPET, we cut down the number of virgin plastic produced, which in turn reduces the plastic waste in our landfills, oceans and soil. It is manufactured by collecting, sorting and recycling PET bottles. Shredded plastic flakes are then melted and molded into brand new products. Another amazing thing about rPET is that creating a new product from a recycled bottle uses 75% less energy than from brand-new plastics. This means less carbon dioxide is emitted during this process. PET is widely used in production of disposable goods due do its enhanced clarity, strength and desirable physical properties. This material offers superior resistance to adverse effects of oxygen, water and CO2, while being completely safe for use with food and beverages. rPET can tolerate a temperature range between -23˚C and +66˚C. The products made from rPET are easily recyclable, which makes it a great sustainable foodservice packaging solution.

Why rPET dessert cups are the best packaging for frozen treats?

Eight benefits of our plastic ice cream packaging:

• Ice cream cups are available in 185 ml, 250 ml and 375 ml;
• Stylish swirl pattern;
• Strong yet lightweight;
• Crystal clear for perfect product visibility;
• Printable surface for infinite branding opportunities;
• Dome lids with or without hole and tall flat-top lids available separately;
• Tall dome lid can also be used as a snack dish;
• Eco-friendly disposable packaging for ice cream and desserts

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