Disposable Turkey Size Roaster Pan with Anti-Fog Coating

Feb 2013

Winter is in full swing and we all crave some hearty comfort food to make us warm and cosy. A classic chicken roast might just be the answer! Served with some potatoes or slow-cooked veggies, it’s a perfect winter meal! Not everyone has the time to cook one from scratch though, and many customers are opting for pre-packaged meals. We are delighted to present our large chicken roaster take out containers to make the transporting of ready meals from the store to the customer’s door easy and effortless.

Disposable chicken roaster features

The clear view disposable roasted chicken container with anti-fog dome lid gives you all the features you’d expect from a regular glass or ceramic roasting dish, minus the risk of breakage. Clear lid offers enhanced product visibility so you can market your product in an appealing manner and boost your sales. The dome features a patented Fog Gard vapour protection, which can withstand temperatures from -16˚C to +90˚C, meaning the chicken can be microwaved and displayed in a hot case. Special venting system ensures adequate airflow so that the customers get the freshest and crispiest product. Tight snap closure system will make transportation of food safe and effortless.

These sturdy polypropylene roaster containers are stackable, and work excellent for hot displays in supermarkets and delis, food delivery and take away. The base of the container features a ribbed floor that raises the contents above the floor and helps drain all the grease and excess liquid away from the food. Polypropylene is completely food safe and non-toxic, it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals such as PFAS and BPA into food.

Disposable Roasted Chicken containers and food packaging for culinary are available in different sizes with and without handles. Optional handles provide your customers with an easy way to grab tasty dinner On the Go. 

Single-use chicken roaster: summary

· Perfect visibility of the contents, thanks to the transparent lid with anti-fog coating;
· Tight and secure snap closure;
· Food packaging is available with a handle for more convenient transportation;
· Ribbed base allows liquids and grease to remain at the bottom of the tray;
· Disposable food containers for roasted chicken are made from sturdy polypropylene, which is a food safe and non-toxic material.

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