Presentkorgar till macaroon

May 2016

Tasty and colourful macarons are an elegant and very delicate treat. They require extra durable packaging to guarantee the integrity of this fragile dessert during transportation and handling.

Stunning disposable packaging for delicious French cookie

We offer macaron packaging in different sizes and shapes. These containers are made from high quality cardboard or wood and have clear windows so that you are able to see the colours and shapes of macarons. The inserts will hold up to 64 macarons in place securely. Sturdy container holds the shape easily and won’t bend under pressure. These functional boxes are also suitable for other small confectionery - mini desserts, candy, biscuits, cupcakes and donuts. Macaron containers and trays are easy to assemble and they don’t require additional packaging materials or tools, such as glue.
This dessert is relatively expensive, so it is crucial for the treats to remain fresh and stay attractive for as long as possible.

This macaron gift box will be great for bakeries, cafes, restaurants and small business owners to present their product beautifully and to protect its integrity in transit. Cakes and desserts without the packaging could be exposed to dust and air and may become hard and weathered. Buyers prefer to purchase sweet treats packaged in boxes, since it guarantees their freshness. Moreover, macarons in a pretty box will make an excellent gift – just add a cute ribbon and a nametag! It will be an elegant gift for any occasion: baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays and many more.

The right packaging makes its contents more attractive to the buyer. The macarons look gorgeous and thanks to beautiful packaging, they can easily become your all-time best seller!

På denna sida använder vi "kakor" för att erbjuda dig en så trevlig upplevelse som möjligt. Genom att surfa vidare på godkänner du användandet av kakor.