Plastglas engångs till Smoothie, Frappucino och Öl

Mar 2015

Favored by students, the Red Party Cups are usually associated with American college parties. Being featured in various American comedies, TV shows and music videos, Red Party Cups became a party essential and a cultural icon.

Red Cups are all about coming together with friends to have amazing moments together and to create great memories!

These Cups are highly favored because they're durable, showy, instantly noticeable  and big enough for a whole beer or  a generous scoop of specially made cocktail.

You can use disposable Red Party Cups for other purposes than drinking; Beer Pong and Flip Cup are the Americans drinking games of choice and they are quickly becoming more and more popular all over the world!

A classic Red Party Cup is 16 oz or 475 ml (aprox.), however it actually holds a total of 18 oz or 530 ml (aprox.) to the brim.

På denna sida använder vi "kakor" för att erbjuda dig en så trevlig upplevelse som möjligt. Genom att surfa vidare på godkänner du användandet av kakor.