Transparenta Plastbägare till kalla snacks

Mar 2015

We’re happy to introduce disposable cold beverage cups made from Ingeo™ biopolymer. They are a great fit for refreshing soft drinks, cocktails, iced coffees and cold desserts. 

What is Ingeo?

Ingeo is a PLA (polylactic acid) resin derived entirely from plants, which is 100% compostable in municipal or industrial facilities. Biopolymer is made from dextrose (sugar) that is derived from field corn already grown for many industrial and functional end-uses.
This revolutionary bio-based plastic is made up of long molecular chains of the polymer polylactide. Polylactic acid is derived from naturally occurring plant sugars.

Are PLA products microwave and freezer safe?

The PLA products are heat resistant up to +42ºC. Therefore, PLA products are good for cold products. PLA is freezer safe, but not microwave safe.

Can people use corn based bioplastic if they are allergic to corn?

Yes. Although this type of plastic is derived from corn, it is certified to contain no genetic material. During its high heat manufacturing processing, it eliminates any immunologically reactive contents. Because of this, corn based plastic can be safely used by people who are allergic to corn.

Production process itself does not require actual corn. Instead, it requires a sugar source. In the future, this will include cellulosic raw materials, agricultural waste and non-food plants.

Bioplastic production requires less than 1/25th of 1% (0.04%) of the annual global corn crop today, so there is little to no impact on food prices or supply.  
Disposable PLA cold drink cup is uniquely designed for today’s On-the-Go lifestyle and offers the features you’re looking for: 

• Crystal clear for total product visibility; 

• Durable material with no flavor or odor transfer; 

• Disposable cups are made in the US;

• Single-use cups can be custom printed with your logo and message.

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