Environmentally Friendly Water Cooler Cups

Mar 2019
Encourage your employees or visitors to hydrate frequently, while keeping your office, seating area or break room tidy with our cone-shaped water cooler cups! 100% compostable and biodegradable paper cups will be a perfect addition to your water cup dispenser or vending machine.

Paper cone cups - convenient solution for your water coolers

No more unfinished drinks left all over the place, thanks to the special cone design of these water paper cups. Due to their shape, the cones can’t stand on their own, which prevents consumers from leaving their cups on flat surfaces. They are both an economical and sustainable solution.

Water cooler cups that are made with eco-friendly materials

Green brand image is highly valued in the modern eco-conscious world. Many businesses are moving towards achieving zero waste, or at least reducing their contribution to planet’s plastic pollution as much as possible. It is critically important to not only act in a socially responsible manner, but also let your customers and employees know you are doing so. Environmentalism is steadily becoming a strong marketing tool, and according to 2018 study (1), consumers prefer ‘naturally-looking’ packaging to single-use plastic one. We believe that making even a small step, like choosing paper water cooler cups instead of disposable plastic cups, can make a tremendous difference for your business.
These white rolled-rim paper cones are produced from 100% plant-based renewable resource - biodegradable sugarcane paper with natural palm tree wax coating that makes them a great eco-friendly choice. The waxy coating on the cup walls ensures no liquid drips out. Natural unbleached paper is an environmentally responsible solution since it is fully recyclable, odorless and safe for use.

Plastic-free water cones are cost-efficient

A major advantage of the cone-shaped paper cups for water coolers is their low cost. They are cheaper than single-use plastic cups, especially when ordered in bulk. Save money while helping the planet at the same time!

Cone-shaped water cups are versatile in use

Our cone-shaped paper water cups are cost-effective, compact and multifunctional, with excellent liquid resistance. These single serve paper cones are versatile in use, and are perfect for water, ice cream, sports protein shots, snow cones, and food and drink sampling.
Safe single-use biodegradable water cups are always a solution in places where high sanitary standards are a must - SPA zones, swimming pools, gyms and sports venues, schools and hospitals, offices, outdoor catering events. Since they are disposable, you don't need to worry about washing them! Left out dirty drinkware often attracts insects and pests, so using disposable paper cups helps prevent spread of germs. 135 ml capacity provides individual serving of water, while convenient design facilitates easy sipping.

Disposable water cones: why are they ideal for your business?

• Versatile paper cups for water coolers are suitable for offices, schools, production plants, waiting rooms, break rooms and fitness centres.

• Eco-friendly biodegradable water cones are made from organic paper from sugar cane fiber with no added bleaching agents or dyes;

• Cost effective sustainable solution for bulk purchase;

• Cone water cups are covered with natural palm wax that eliminates mess and prevents leakage;

• Compact and easily disposable white cone cups for added comfort in your office.
1) https://www.packaginginsights.com/news/natural-looking-packaging-influences-consumer-behavior-sonoco-study-finds.html

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