Environmentally friendly paper water cones

Mar 2019
Green corporate image is the driving factor in the current business setups. Most of organisations are moving from conventional businesses to running businesses with sustainable agenda that creates values to their brand. Versupack believes that even small biodegradable white paper cups for office water coolers instead of single-use plastic glasses can be essential step for environmentally friendly pathway.

Eliminate the thirst of your employees and mess in the office, seating area or your break room with our water cooler cups! On-the-go disposable craft funnels prevent of leaving drinks on tables as they can’t stand on their own and left behind, so have to be disposed of right after use.
These white rolled rim paper cone cups are made of with 100% plant-based renewable resource - biodegradable sugarcane paper with natural waxy coating from palm tree that makes them perfect eco choice from a range of alternatives – no guilt to use. Natural unbleached tree-free paper is the great ecological solution being fully recyclable, odorless and safe.

Our cone water cups from sugar cane bagasse are both cost-effective, compact and multifunctional providing the excellent liquid resistance. These single serve paper cone cups are versatile in use, and are perfectly applicable for cold drinks , ice cream, sports protein shots or freshly-packed snow cones.

Imagine harch sanitary requirements for spa relax zones, gym and sports venues, schools and hospitals, backyard parties, weddings and massive cultural events - safe disposable eco-friendly water cup dispensers are always the solution. And because they're disposable, you don't have to worry about washing them! The half - full cup capacity provides the perfect amount of water while the easy-to-hold design allow the easy sipping. Cut off the tip and start pouring!

- Versatile paper cups for water coolers for offices, universities, production plants, waiting rooms and health clubs;

- Eco-friendly biodegradable water cones made of organic paper from sugar cane fiber with no added bleach chemicals and dyes;

- Cost effective sustainable solution for bulk purchase;

- Cone water cups covered with natural vegetable wax that eliminates mess and cold liquids leakage;

- Compact and easy to dispose natural colour cone cups for added comfort in your office .


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