Eco-friendly bamboo paper disposable tableware and take-out packaging

Mar 2019
Dear friends, we are pleased to present our new product line: Eco-friendly bamboo paper food packaging and disposable tableware. The range of products includes: paper containers for salads, take-out boxes, paper cups for hot drinks, paper soup containers and lids, sustainable packaging for fast food and eco-friendly catering disposables.
Advantages of eco-friendly bamboo paper packaging and disposables:
• Bamboo is the most promising material from the list of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly materials.
• This perennial, evergreen plant grows incredibly fast! Depending on the variety, bamboo can grow up to 120 centimetres per day.
• Being a rapidly renewable, environmentally friendly natural resource, the use of this herb in the production of pulp allows you to save other trees that have been growing for decades.
• Disposable tableware and packaging based on bamboo raw materials do not have any harmful effects on humans.
• When disposing of such products decompose without releasing harmful substances or compounds.
• Bamboo paper packaging has natural beauty, lightness and aesthetics. Its Ivory colour is a trend colour and is considered the colour of luxury and a sign of excellent taste.
• A salad or other meal packed in a bamboo paper food container will look presentable and appetizing and will encourage the customer to make a purchase.
• Eco-friendly foodservice packaging for salads, main dishes and soups is fat-resistant and moisture-proof. The lids for the containers are closed tightly, which allows the customer to deliver the product to customer in the best possible way.
Environmentally friendly eco packaging made of bamboo is an original, stylish and most importantly is a sustainable packaging solution for your food!


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