Disposable cake packaging, single slice cake containers and pie wedges

Apr 2019
We are taking a different approach to cake take out containers and focusing on both trending aspects of food packaging at the same time: the appearance, environmental friendliness and high product’s protection.

We also believe, whether you are using the cake packaging to sell your signature dessert in grocery store or gourmet bakery, your best creation must be flawlessly presented, it deserves the best packaging!

When you use our plastic disposable cake containers with dome lids, you do not need to worry about your ecological footprint. All of our cake boxes are made of eco-friendly reusable and recyclable plastic - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This sustainable transparent plastic is famous for its incredible crystal-clear visibility. Be sure, clear Bundt cake containers will highlight your desserts and cakes with this showstopper that will make any baked good look absolutely mouthwatering.

Versupack packaging is here to answer your cake containers and dessert carrier needs. No matter which type of cake box you are looking for, we have what you need. Offered in in all shapes and sizes this disposable plastic package fit for pastries and cakes of all kinds. It is even tall enough to accommodate cakes with 3 - 4 layers.

We carry a wide range of display containers, wedding or birthday cake boxes, pie wedges, plastic cake carriers and cake transport boxes in many sizes and styles. All of these options are perfect for putting your delicious cakes on display!

Our cake holder display containers always go through specific requirements for disposable packaging used in food delivery or take away:

- extra strength and reliability of snap - tight lids that will protect your cake from damage until it's time to serve;
- dimensional stability of cake base;
- optimum visibility that stands out for a stunning appearance;
- food-grade safe and non – toxic material that also keeps air out to maintain optimum freshness of your dessert;
- durable 2-piece (plastic base and clear plastic lid) design that won't come loose during storage or transport;

Thus, these environmentally friendly cake boxes are perfect for displaying and storing your homemade cake slices, pies, mini candies, or large crepe cakes and cheesecakes for party, holiday decoration, mall events or more intimate engagements. Inspired by many years of work experience, we would like to share with you this innovative snap – top cake packaging that will enable you or your customer to have a beneficial cake transporting moment.


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