Heat seal MAP Trays: A New Packaging Solution for Fresh Produce

Jun 2021
As the demand for quick and convenient On-The-Go meals rises, so does the society’s concern about the environmental impact of single-use packaging. Many restaurants, foodservice providers and food retailers and manufacturers are beginning to move towards sustainable alternatives to non-recyclable food containers. Black plastic is commonplace on the supermarket shelves, as the most often used material for packaging ready meals, fresh produce, meat, fish and seafood. It is notoriously hard-to-recycle because its black colour makes it almost undetectable by waste sorting machines. It contaminates the sorting streams and interferes with other plastic recycling. This is why eco-conscious consumers and businesses have set the goal to move away from this type of plastic used in disposable packaging. 

Sugarcane bagasse is a sustainable alternative

Sugarcane bagasse and other plant-based fiber materials are raising in popularity as feasible alternatives to plastic. Plant fibers are the by-products left behind after processing sugarcane and other organic materials. They are similar in properties to synthetic fibers and can possibly replace them in the long run. Several large retailers and food manufacturers have already moved in this direction, by substituting black plastic food trays and containers with plant-based disposable packaging. Sugarcane bagasse film sealed trays are commonly used by food retailers and manufacturers to safely and hygienically package ready meals, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables. They can be heat sealed with a tray sealer to create a modified atmosphere inside the container.

MAP fiber food trays

Modified atmosphere packaging (also known as MAP) is used to prolong shelf life of foodstuffs by inhibiting oxidation processes. This technology works by replacing some of the oxygen in the container with carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Oxygen creates a favourable environment for various microorganisms (yeast, bacteria, etc.) to reproduce. Removing oxygen helps delay food perishing process by preventing various chemical reactions from taking place. Interaction between lipids in food and oxygen is responsible for unpleasant smells and change in colours. Airtight film seal fiber trays and containers can help maintain optimal freshness of the product, while also protecting food from being damaged during transportation and storage. Our trays comply with Gastronorm (GN), the official European standard for kitchenware sizes. This makes them very convenient for storage and transportation, since universal sizing allows for secure placement in sinks, conveyor belts, worktops, freezers, ovens, and displays. 

Heat-resistant packaging made from sustainable materials

We offer sugarcane trays for supermarkets and food retailers - the best solution for packaging fresh produce and individually portioned take-out meals. The containers are soak proof thanks to the special plant-based lining, which prevents liquids and oils from leaking out. The lining is made from PLA bio-plastic, which contains no added PFAS chemicals. It is also incredibly thin, so the lining won’t impact on your ability to recycle the container after use. Sugarcane fibers can be recycled up to 7 times! Production of fiber trays consumes less energy and resources than production of plastic. Our bagasse MAP trays can also be offered without the coating, if you so choose. Last but not least – they are compostable! They will biodegrade in a commercial composting facility in 2 to 4 months. Food trays can be used in microwave oven, conventional oven and convection oven, which makes them suitable for a variety of applications. Store them safely in a fridge or a freezer without worrying about cracks and dents. 

Recyclable trays for on-board and inflight catering

Bagasse trays are also frequently found in inflight and on-board catering. They are replacing old-fashioned aluminium and plastic containers, which are non-recyclable and can be unsafe for consumers. Sugarcane Ready-To-Heat containers are the contemporary solution – sustainable, versatile and stylish. Top seal ensures your meticulous food safety standards are met, both on the ground and in the air. 

Meal plan packaging for health-conscious customers

Lately, healthy living has become a huge trend, and the customers demand access to healthy meal options without sacrificing their free time to cooking. Personalized weekly meal plans delivered right to the customer’s door are now incredibly popular across the globe. While this trend seems like a step towards a healthier society, the amount of plastic waste it produces is surely concerning. That’s why a lot of meal plan brands are choosing sugarcane disposable packaging instead of plastic or aluminium. These top seal trays close tightly and securely, which makes them a great option for food delivery.

 Compostable heat seal food trays: an overview

  • Perfect packaging solution for supermarkets and food retailers – safely package fresh produce, meat, fish, and ready meals;

  • A sustainable replacement for black plastic produce trays and food containers;

  • These disposable microwaveable trays can be heat sealed with a plastic film to create modified atmosphere inside the container, which will hinder perishing and prolong freshness of the product;

  • Sugarcane top seal MAP containers are fridge and oven safe, and can be used for hot and cold foods;

  • Plant-based packaging is recyclable and compostable in a commercial composting facility;

  • Heat-sealed with a lidding film disposable food trays are Gluten-free, PFAS-free and BPA-free;

  • Eco-friendly containers continuously get positive feedback from environmentally conscious customers – strengthen your brand’s green image!

As we have discussed above, plant-based eco-friendly packaging in here to stay. With many food retailers and foodservice businesses making a commitment to leave behind non-recyclable plastics in food packaging, a new era of responsible consumption has begun. Sugarcane bagasse is steadily replacing plastic on the supermarket shelves. You too can make a responsible choice by using compostable MAP trays for your foodservice business.
Shop our range of film-sealed bagasse containers and food trays with or without PLA lining. This is a great solution for supermarket chains, grocery stores, convenience stores, food producers, in-flights caterers, and foodservice providers.

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