What is meant by Sustainability in Food Packaging?

May 2015

Whether you are a restaurant, food delivery or takeout service, or any other food service provider, there’s one thing you can’t do business without – and it’s high-quality food packaging.

It is a well-known fact that first impressions count, and they only take 7 seconds to form. It is no different when it comes to your brand image. The design and quality of your Take out food packaging is your brand’s promise to deliver a product or service of the highest standard. The boxes and take away containers will be carrying your brand’s name out into the world long after leaving your establishment. High-quality packaging supports the brand image you created.

Lately, there has been much discussion around sustainability, and the concerns about plastic pollution have a direct impact on trends in food packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of harms of disposable packaging and they are making a conscious choice in favour of environmentally friendly options. Offering eco-friendly packaging is a way to send a clear and loud message that your company cares about its environmental footprint.

We offer take away food containers and To Go food boxes made from unbleached paperboard, which is a great alternative to single-use plastic. The paperboard uses 100% recycled fibers and is certified compostable. Our eco-friendly containers are coated with polyethylene for additional protection against grease and moisture, as well as for improved strength. PE coating has an enhanced heat resistance, so it won’t melt away when getting in contact with hot foods. Unbleached kraft paper container has a wide temperature range: from -17˚C up to +74˚C. This makes them suitable for packaging hot and greasy foods, as well as room temperature and cold meals. Special front latch system ensures secure and easy closure. Optional vents keep food crispy and fresh for longer.
The main benefits of paperboard To-Go containers: 

• Leak resistant and grease proof;
• Stackable in most common delivery bags;
• Secure closure system;
• Simple yet elegant design;
• Environmentally friendly materials;
• Available in multiple sizes and shapes;
• Can be custom printed with your logo and design;
• Black, kraft and white colours.

Make an eco-conscious packaging choice to help meet your company’s sustainability goals. Your customers will appreciate high-quality disposable paper food packaging that is also environmentally friendly.

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