Biodegradable Bamboo Paper Take Out Disposable Containers

Mar 2019

We are pleased to introduce our new product line: Eco-friendly bamboo paper foodservice packaging and disposable tableware. The range of products includes paper food containers for salads, take-out boxes, paper cups for hot drinks, soup containers and lids, sustainable packaging for fast food and eco-friendly catering disposables. They are suitable for restaurants and cafes that offer take-out service, food stalls, concession stands, food trucks and on-board catering.

Bamboo paper makes a great food packaging material

Bamboo paper has been on the single-use food packaging market for quite some time and it’s clearly here to stay. Foodservice businesses that have been using bamboo containers for their take-away and food delivery services often mention the durability of these containers. Taking into account that bamboo has a specific compressive strength (strength divided by density) higher than wood, it is safe to assume that bamboo-based packaging is sturdy and durable. These disposable take out containers and cups are available with a thin layer of PP, PE, PLA or PET coating to prevent liquids and oils from leaking through the container. This makes them an excellent material for producing single-use take away containers. Given their wide temperature range, they are suitable for both cold and hot foods. Serve your salads, soups and hot beverages in style with these light ivory containers. Bamboo fiber is naturally light so there is no need for bleaching, which helps reduce chemical pollution in the environment.

Bamboo: a rapidly renewavable natural source

Bamboo paper disposable packaging is produced using sustainable raw materials. Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable plant on the planet, with some species growing up to 1 m a day! It is able to grow in different climates, which makes bamboo a widely available and easy to obtain natural resource. Botanically, bamboo is a type of grass, not a tree. It regenerates by itself, without the need to replant it manually! Another great thing about bamboo is that it produces up to 35% more oxygen than similar plants, while fixing more carbon dioxide. What’s more, the cost of bamboo pulp is lower than wood pulp, making it a cost-efficient material for manufacturing single-use paper food packaging and disposable tableware.

Advantages of eco-friendly bamboo food packaging: a summary

• Bamboo is one of the most promising environmentally friendly disposable packaging materials;

• This perennial, evergreen plant grows incredibly fast. It is a rapidly renewable, environmentally friendly natural resource;

• Disposable tableware and packaging based on bamboo raw materials are food safe;

• When disposing of such products, they decompose without releasing harmful substances or compounds into the environment;

• Bamboo paper food packaging has a luxurious ivory tint to it, which is achieved naturally without the use of harmful bleaching chemicals;

• A salad or other meal packed in a bamboo paper food container will look presentable and appetizing and will encourage the customer to make a purchase;

• Eco-friendly foodservice packaging for salads, main dishes and soups is oil-resistant and soak-proof. The lids for the disposable food containers are closed tightly, which allows to deliver the product to the customer intact.
Environmentally friendly eco packaging made from bamboo paper is a stylish and, most importantly, a sustainable packaging solution for your foodservice business!

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