Recycling Paper Napkins and Napkin Dispensers

Oct 2014

It might seem like an insignificant and often overlooked detail, but napkins are incredibly important to any foodservice business. They are closely connected to our perception of hygiene and the customers will certainly get a negative impression of a restaurant if there weren’t any napkins offered or if the napkins were of poor quality. We offer a selection of disposable paper napkins to be used with napkin dispensers. A great way to keep things hygienic for food trucks, fast food and casual restaurants, ice cream parlours, pizzerias and outdoor catering events.

Napkins that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

These dispenser napkins are environmentally friendly since they are made from 100% recycled fibers. Recycling wood fibers and reusing them as paper napkins is an efficient use of natural resources, which reduces the amount of virgin materials produced. The fibers are recovered from various sources, such as newspapers, magazines and paper waste from offices. Meticulous cleaning procedures are in place to ensure food safety and hygiene. The recovered material is dissolved in water, treated with special cleaning agents under high temperature to get rid of any contaminants. Then, if necessary, the paper is bleached with chlorine-free bleaching chemicals to achieve brightness.
Besides the sustainable material, paper napkins for foodservice industry reduce paper waste due to special dispensing mechanism. Controlled napkin dispensing helps cut the number of unused napkins thrown away. A research by Decision Analyst showed that the customers are 30% less likely to take additional napkins when using a controlled dispenser. Instead, they tend to take only one, which significantly cuts the usage. Show your commitment to sustainability with these eco-friendly recycled paper napkins!

Benefits of dispenser napkins:
• 100% recycled unbleached disposable paper napkins;
• Controlled dispensing to reduce the number of unused thrown away napkins;
• Great for fast food and casual dining restaurants, food trucks, outdoor events, food festivals, ice cream parlours and many others;
• Thick 2-ply eco-friendly napkins;
• Natural colour.

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