Crystal Clear Deli Containers with Hinged-Lid

Aug 2014

Our aim is to offer the modern and effective solution for your business.

We are proud to say that our products going to save your time, money and increase your sales.

Our Crystal Clear container line has to be one of our most successful designs when it comes to this. From the deli counter to the bakery table and everything in between our Crystal Clear hinged lid containers have been used for every food application imaginable.

Suitable for colorful fruit and veggies. Perfect to serve pasta, salads, nuts, candy, dairy and bakery products.

Crystal clear containers are made from rigid PETE.

The Crystal Clear container also feature secure, leak-resistant closure. The lid and the tray are connected in a whole body with a hinge, it is easy to shut and open the lid by 2 offpeel points.

Lid is made to be easy labeled for strong brand recognition.


• Crystal clear containers ;
• Better visibility comparing to PP containers;
• Not crunchy comparing to OPS containers;
• 360° leak resistant seal, won't break down from oils used in salads and other deli offerings;
• Air tight - better shelf life - lasts longer .
• Easy to mark lid with label ;
• One piece, hinged construction make the job easier and quicker;
• Crystal Clear containers remain upright and stable when stacked;
• Extended shelf life with fresher products and more satisfied customers means repeat sales.


• 250 ml
• 375 ml
• 500 ml
• 750 ml
• 1000 ml
• 1500 ml
• 2000 ml

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