Disposable Outdoor Catering Tableware from Rigid Plastic

Oct 2015

Outstanding presentation of your dishes.

Our selection of disposable catering tableware includes cutlery, plates, bowls, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and tumblers. Premium plastic tableware will contribute to inventive meal presentation and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dishes due to its upscale look.

In addition to beautiful design and convenience of use, these disposable plastic dishes and glasses are incredibly sturdy and durable. They are made from rigid polystyrene plastic, which is especially stiff and transparent. Because of its excellent clarity, the glasses and tumblers look exactly like regular glass, but lightweight and durable. What’s more, they can withstand temperatures from -17˚C up to +70˚C, so you will be able to serve both hot and cold beverages. And the best part is that polystyrene dinnerware is recyclable and reusable!
Plastic tableware is ideally suited for occasions and events where use of glass or porcelain tableware is not recommended or even prohibited, such as at the pool parties, saunas, SPAs, boat parties, on-board catering, outdoor festivals, and weddings. The beautiful high-end design and elegant shapes make this plastic dinnerware a great addition to sophisticated events and parties. Variety of forms and colours allows for complete creative freedom in food presentation.
Using catering disposables for events and celebrations will help avoid glass breakage, as well as costs associated with transportation and use of traditional glass. Choose disposable plastic dinnerware for effortless clean up and maximum safety. Say no to broken glass! After the event, these plates and glasses can either be discarded or washed and reused.
Here are some of the benefits of using catering disposables:

• Upscale look;
• No glass breakage;
• Lightweight yet durable;
• Quality material that is a great alternative to glass and porcelain;
• Disposable tableware is practical and easy to use;
• Variety of shapes and colours.
Choose disposable plastic dinnerware and glassware to spruce up your corporate event, banquet, wedding, or a garden party. It is safe, affordable, convenient, yet premium looking. And the best part about polystyrene dinnerware is that it can be reused, making it an ideal sustainable option for environmentally-conscious customers, who would like to reduce their plastic consumption. Unbreakable material will save you the hassle of cleaning up shattered glass – you’ll be happy you opted for disposable catering supplies!

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