Eco Packaging for Fast Foods and Catering Disposables

Mar 2018

The modern pace of life emerging trends in the field of fast food. Food packaging for foodservice industry and disposable tableware are required to meet the highest requirements of customer, to maintain freshness of the product and to emphasize the appetizing appearance of your dishes.
• To go packaging for food is made from environmentally friendly materials;
• Moisture and a grease-resistant materials withstands high and low temperatures;
• Eco-friendly take-out containers and cups are tight and can contain hot and cold food;
• Disposable food containers keep the heat and the necessary level of moisture.
We offer a wide range of nature-friendly disposable tableware, catering disposables, sustainable fast food and To Go packaging. Our product range of eco-friendly disposables includes: wooden trays and wooden fast food boats made from pine and palm leaves, kraft paper food take-out containers, single-use kraft paper cups, biodegradable deli containers and biodegradable cups, sustainable disposable restaurantware, sealable bagasse and paper MAP trays, sugarcane Take away food containers and clamshells, salad bowls and food containers made of PLA bioplastic, potato and corn starch based biodegradable and compostable cutlery, modled fiber cutlery, eco-friendly supermarket trays for meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits and vegetables. 
Foodservice packaging is a great way to express your brand, it will be recognized in the market and attract the attention of the buyer!

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